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now, you and - then, us.

Easy lovin you

My freshmen year in college, I played volleyball with a girl (Ashley Wolthuis/Hillsburg) who went to high school with Tyler and knew him well. Ashley and I decided to live together at the end of the season creating unforgettable memories.  We often hungout with a lot of kids from Ashley’s high school (Schoolcraft) who happened to be our neighbors at Copper Beach. Tyler showed up at one of their Christmas parties in a Santa hat and I had an ugly Christmas sweater on. I walked in and still to this day can see his “bad boy” grin as I walked into the house. I asked my best friend who the guy was and she said, “Oh that’s Tyler, he’s not looking for anything serious.”

Naturally, we found each other competing against one another at the beer pong table and quickly found each other on the same team. Tyler kissed me that night, and a day later, that Santa texted me and the rest was history! 

After hanging out for a couple weeks, Tyler was off to class and yelled up the stairs, “I Love You.” We struggled passing classes when we first met because we couldn’t stand being apart. Don’t worry, that changed quickly. 😂 But even after 10 years, I never get tired of his high pitch I love you’s on the way out the door. 


We had a sunflower session planned together but had to unfortunately post pone a couple of times due to the weather. (Severe thunderstorms lol) Tonight, some more storm clouds were rolling in but we made the trip anyways! Little did I know that Tyler got permission from my dad and reached out to our photographer (with some help from my sister) and had something bigger planned for the evening. We were at our second stop of our session and Mattie (our photographer) said to hold hands and lead him while walking away. As I started walking I felt him pulling my hand the opposite direction. Thinking what the heck…I turn around and to my surprise find my hunny on one knee 😭 I forgot to say YES right away because I was blown away at his thoughtfulness and already thinking about being his wife! I’ve prayed for the right guy and dreamed about marrying a man with all of the traits Tyler has. He challenges me to be a better person + and never lets me settle for anything in life.

The Proposal

forever & always

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